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How to Get Around Downtown Atlanta

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Home to the Georgia University satellite campus, Atlanta is a major health, entertainment and educational hub in GA. Founded in 1771, the city has a rich and varied history. Over the years, it has been built up into a thriving town, with all kinds of facilities for residents and visitors

How to Find The Best Transportation in Houston, Texas

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I recently made a trip to H-town and had a great time while I was there. There are really only a few ways to travel through Houston. Limo services in Houston, Texas is popularly known for super luxury rides and fun that you can’t get anywhere else. Besides providing comfort

Skip the Airport Hazel, Take The Bus

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Airports have become increasing busier than ever with more companies reducing staffing options in order to combat the dwindling sales. There are longer check-in lines and airport security than they have ever been. This is why it is so common to see people sparing time to buy a magazine or